Our Difference

Mochi Marketing partners with businesses we truly believe in. Together, we work with you to set your business alight!

As your biggest Brand Champion:

  • We BELIEVE in your VISION,
  • We BELIEVE in your MISSION,
  • We BELIEVE in your BUSINESS, and
  • We are as committed to bringing your vision to life as you are!


  • A team that sees your vision as their own;
  • A team that shares your mission with passion and excitement;
  • A team that invests their skills, their time and their energy into creating raving fans for your business;
  • A team that are championing for your success!

Imagine all of this for less than the price of one full-time employee. 

Our Approach

Brand Communication

Are you frustrated because:

  • Your business is not getting the recognition and attention it deserves?
  • Your brand and messaging isn’t communicating what makes you extraordinary?
  • There is a mismatch between what you know your business is and what your customers think?
  • You feel like you’re the ‘best kept secret’ instead of ‘the next big thing’?

We can help you make the shift and transform your company like we have done for our clients who were just like you.

The Right Fit

A lot of clients at the growth stage of their business come to us because while they are attracting customers, they’re not the customers they want. Smart growth is when you attract not just more, but more of the right customers. We will ensure you capture the right fit so your company grows happily and smartly in the right direction!

Referrals and Loyalty

Many organisations focus on acquisition and gaining new clients but there’s a massive missed opportunity here. You have clients who are already spending money to do business with you. They know you, they are happy with you and they are seven times more likely to “always respond” to your promotional offers!

“Engaged customers are four times more likely to say they “appreciate when this brand reaches out to me” and seven times more likely to always respond to this brand’s promotional offers.”

– Customer Engagement from the Consumer’s Perspective Report, Rosetta.com

We can help you develop real connections with your existing fans so your organisation will smash even more milestones and become unstoppable.

What Makes Us Extraordinary

Nailing these parts individually is an art. Nailing all three parts together, strategically and effectively for maximum impact, that’s our specialty. Partner with us to take your business to new heights!

From consultation and reporting, through to full service Marketing Strategy and implementation – we will take care of everything your business needs to grow. Our packages range from as little as $190 a week through to fully customised plans to suit your business needs and all for less than one full-time employee. Click here to start the conversation

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